Families: What to Wear? - Spencer Pablo

With this question being the absolute number one my family clients ask, I cannot believe I haven’t written anything about it.

Well here it goes.

I like to stay away from crazy patterns and large text and logos on clothes. Nothing detracts from the smiling faces of families than a huge logo of a silhouette of a polo player spread across your torso.

I’ve been a fan of nice, deep earth tone colors. But my recommendation is to wait until we select a location–the colors that adorn your family should complement your environment. Those earth tones look awesome in a field. But bold colors look SWEET in an urban environment. Pick a spot first, then let’s talk color scheme.

Accessories can add so much awesome to the photos. A nice airy pashmina that catches the golden light, floral clips in a young girl’s hair, a nice vest and matching the shoes and the belt–those all help the photos.

Make sure the clothes are comfortable–they fit well both standing AND sitting. If you’re not comfortable, it shows–so make sure your clothes make you feel good!

That’s a good start towards your photo shoot. We’ll have more to discuss as we approach the date (like nap times and meals and snacks for the kids).

Contact me now to schedule a photo session!

Spencer Pablo – 619-717-2399

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