Spencer Pablo

Sony Artisan of Imagery Photographer

Bashful unless stirred by technology and with a penchant to laugh at his jokes before anyone else gets it, Spencer Pablo may be one of the most oddly placed characters among the Sony Artisans of Imagery. A computer scientist by trade, he found himself among professional photographers when he made it to Alaska during the A7 Experience. Introduced to his colleagues as the “nerd” of the bunch, he has a knack to always be on the lookout for an opportunity to learn–be it anything from circuit board design to child rearing.

“Always be learning. When you get comfortable, it’s time to reevaluate and think of something new. Challenge yourself. Also, Zeiss.”

Untitled photo

Comfortable behind a lens for over 20 years, his images have appeared in newspapers and musuems. While Spencer believes that learning is important, it does not stop there. He feels it is also important to share with others the knowledge gathered. Before joining the ranks of a Sony Artisan of Imagery, Spencer Pablo has taught many workshops–from the typical photo-based workshops to the emergency dispatch software conferences (and everything in between).

A photographer who likes to keep challenging himself, he doesn't sit still. He photographs people, places, and things.

Born in the Philippines, Spencer moved to southern California at a very early age as a son of a US Navy sailor. He is a father, husband, a Sony Artisan of Imagery and a computer scientist with experience in RF engineering and systems design.

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